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Private yoga tuition provides the perfect forum to deepen your practice and get results. Each class is carefully designed and planned to meet your needs. Private yoga is beneficial to people rehabilitating from injury, beginners, those suffering from stress & anxiety, or students wanting to fine tune their technique to feel confident in group practice.
If you’re not based in Perth a virtual appointment can be made via Skype.
Please email mail@laura-carroll.com to schedule your private lesson..

The workplace through its demands can bring stress and imbalance to its workers. Yoga is designed to bring balance back to a body out of balance and is becoming a popular way to help employees manage their stress levels as well as gain patience, confidence and good health.

Enjoy Perth's exclusive 6am rooftop yoga classes. Welcome the day with an energising sunrise vinyasa flow. Get your body moving and your blood & breath flowing on a Perth City rooftop with a sparkling skyline sure to impress.

Early sunrise classes Mon-Fri 6am Nov16-March17

Let go and flow to live ambient beats, mixed by Kinshin from Designer DJs. Embark on an inner journey into bliss with the aid of chilled electronic melodies & rhythms played with a dub accent. Join us every second Wednesday at the Northbridge Piazza from Oct to April 17. (Every other Wednesday join me for a traditional vinyasa flow). Supported by Northbridge Piazza and City of Perth.

If you’re a dedicated student looking to take your practice to the next level, then yoga workshops are the perfect forum to start. Workshops are generally between to 2.5 to 3hrs in length giving you extra time to slow down, dissect and practice your favourite poses to gain more confidence in your practice.

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