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Life is a beautiful mess, embrace it!

I have many life teachers to thank for the person I am today (and the evolution continues) but I would like to give a special mention to Yoga.

Yoga has taught me to let go in many ways and realise that wherever I am in my life, is exactly where I’m meant to be – even if it’s not exactly where I want to be. Since I learnt this life is great.

Yoga has taught me to surrender to the messiness of life, and be OK with it. This has been a huge lesson for me recently. As a new mother and business owner, juggling the two has proven to be equally empowering and overwhelming.

My yoga practice is very different to what it used to be pre-baby. Gone are the days where I can roll out my mat every day for a 90 minute practice. (90 minutes today can take hours!) But I cease the moment when I can to stop, breathe and appreciate all that I have.

That’s what I find so beautiful about the yoga practice – it evolves with YOU and it shape shifts into many forms.

I always tell my students that being an ‘advanced’ student of yoga is not about being able to put our feet behind our heads. Instead, it’s about being able to make choices that support us in our environment. Whether we’re on our mat or living life, the choices we make have ramifications that cause us to rise, or to fall.
When we live yoga (mindfulness in action) we enhance our ability to see clearly and to make conscious choices in our lives that promote peace and equilibrium within our self and the world around us.

Yoga is a part of my life that I passionately love sharing with people. Yoga, is not just for the physically gifted, it’s for EVERYONE. Yoga teaches us how to become conscious and responsible human beings and to take ownership of our lives. If we collectively took the time to work on ourselves imagine the impact it would have globally?

This is the magic I want to share with YOU because it changed my life.

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